To work with the DROPMIX music portal, you need to carefully read and study the Privacy Policy document and accept it.

The use of the site is possible only in full agreement with the document "privacy policy", acting exclusively in conjunction with the terms of use of the site and the user agreement.

The user is obliged to fully familiarize himself with the above documents before registering on the site and accept them. If the user has not done this, then he cannot use the site and its services.

User registration means full and unconditional acceptance by the user of the documents: the terms of use of the site, the user agreement and the privacy policy in accordance with Articles 438, 12861 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

1. Personal data.

1.1. The user registering on the DROPMIX music website (hereinafter referred to as the "site") confirms that he is a capable person who has reached the age of 14.

1.2. Registration on the website is the permission of the registered person (user) of the company "DROPMIX." (hereinafter referred to as the "company"), which is the owner of the site, store, process and otherwise use his personal data for 5 (five) years from the date of registration or the last date of use of the account (login to the site)

1.3. Confidentiality of personal data is ensured in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, including Federal Law No. FZ-152 "On Personal Data".

1.4. Personal data of users, including those who are not citizens of the Russian Federation, are transmitted, stored and used on the territory of the Russian Federation, where the company's servers are located. Confidentiality of personal data is ensured in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation (paragraph 1.3)

1.5. The Company has the right to collect, process and store any information that users leave on the site by entering data into the request forms, as well as transmit to the site in any other way. Such information includes, but is not limited to, personal data (see paragraph 1.4), IP address, web browser data, data about pages visited (including through cookies), data entered into search forms and other forms of information entry on the site.

1.6. For the purposes of this privacy policy, the user's personal data includes any information that allows identifying him not only as a user of the site (login, password, etc.), but also as a real-life individual (email address, photo (avatar) and other data entered by the user into personal data)

1.7. The Company has the right to verify the ownership of the personal data specified by the user during registration in any legal way.

1.8. If the company has reason to believe that the user's personal data is incorrect or erroneous, the company has the right to offer the user to clarify (correct) personal data, and /or block the user's account until the user provides the correct personal data. In some cases, the company has the right to request documents proving the identity of the user.

1.9. The User has the right to request the deletion of his account by contacting the company at the following email address: . At the same time, the user understands and agrees that he will not be able to log in to the site and use the services of the site through a remote account, but has the opportunity to create a new account. The Company reserves the right to store information related to the user's account (including the deleted one) in its database.

1.10. The Company has the right to block the user's account if it has not been used by the user for more than five years, or to delete such an account and related information materials. The User agrees that the company is not responsible for these actions.

2. User profile.

2.1. When registering a user on the site, a user profile is automatically created, including a number of personal data provided by the user, including his name (nickname), place of residence, photo (avatar). When logging in to the site, the registered user has the opportunity to edit his profile.

2.2. This profile is visible to all users of the site regardless of the fact of registration. At the same time, the user's email address is not disclosed.

2.3. The Website is equipped with an internal notification system that allows registered users to contact each other via electronic messages. Notifications about the received message are sent by the site to the user's email address specified at the time of registration. The user has the option to disable this system and thereby not receive messages from other users of the site. 3. Confidentiality of data.

3.1. The company "DROPMIX." (hereinafter referred to as the "company"), which is the owner of the Dropmix website, guarantees that the personal data of the registered user will not be used in ways prohibited by law, including with the explicit intention to harm the user.

3.2. The Company undertakes not to transfer the user's personal data to any third parties without legal grounds.

3.3. The Company is not responsible for data loss due to the actions of third parties, including the company's hosting provider, software errors, unreliability of communication channels, as well as illegal actions of hackers and other intruders. In case of detection of loss of user data, the company undertakes to notify users within 24 hours from the moment of establishing the fact of loss, as well as to make every possible effort to reduce the negative consequences for users and identify those responsible.

4. Responsibility of the user.

4.1. The User undertakes to ensure the confidentiality of his login and password to access the account.

4.2. If the user becomes aware that the user's username and password were accidentally or intentionally obtained by any third party, the user undertakes to immediately notify the company about this and form a new username and/ or password for the user's account.

4.3. The User also undertakes to restrict the access of third parties to the e-mail box specified by the user when registering on the site, since through it the login and password to the user account may become known to a third party.

4.4. In case of improper provision by the user of the login and password confidentiality regime, the user is responsible for illegal actions committed using the user's login and password.

5. Notifications.

5.1. For all questions related to ensuring the confidentiality of their personal data, the user can contact the company by e-mail:

5.2. In compliance with the terms of this privacy policy, the user undertakes to promptly respond to the company's requests from the email address specified by the user in the account.

6. General information.

6.1. This Privacy Policy is a binding document and is valid together with the user agreement and the terms of use of the site.

6.2. By registering on the website, the user confirms his consent to all the documents mentioned in clause 6.1.

6.3. The invalidity of certain provisions of this privacy policy, if recognized by a court decision or another authorized state body, does not entail its invalidity as a whole.

Posted on 04.11.2022

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